Your Hyperfibre options

Fibre in New Zealand has just taken an exponential leap forward with Hyperfibre. This new era will give Kiwis access to one of the fastest broadband networks available on the planet. The exhilarating speeds of Hyperfibre mean users can immerse themselves in ultra-smooth, high-capacity and low-latency broadband.

Hyperfibre will offer speeds of 2000 Mbps, 4000 Mbps and 8000 Mbps (in selected locations) - for both upload and download - meaning users can consume and create content online simultaneously and much much faster.

XGSPON technology

Hyperfibre is delivered over XGS-PON technology. It is a next generation technology that support speeds of up to 10 gigabit per second (Gbps) downstream and upstream, deployed over our existing nationwide fibre infrastructure. XGPSON technology enables you to reach an internet speed of up to 10Gbps for download and upload regardless of the distance.

The new service co-exists with today's fibre services making it a natural evolution for those looking for even faster plans with an easy upgrade path.

Hyperfibre technical specifications

Download the ONT techs for your Hyperfibre network providers